About Restolane

My name is Himalaya Vats, and as the founder of Restolane, when my team asked me about what to write in the "About Us" section of our website, I said, "Let me write it myself."

After all, founders like us need to add our personal touch, right?

Our Journey

In the year 2002, my father (Mr. Pawan Kumar Sharma) came to Delhi with hopes of making a living. He initially secured a job at Cafe Coffee Day as a service engineer for ₹2500.

Fast forward to 2010, he started Unifrost Food Service Equipment, selling commercial kitchen equipment. Over the years, we grew to become one of the largest kitchen equipment dealers in North India.

After completing my graduation, I decided to join my family business and now, we are ready to take this business to new heights

Why Restolane?

I personally believe that the food industry will grow rapidly in India due to development in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. This development is leading to the opening of new restaurants every day, and I want Restolane to provide the backing support for all food business owners when it comes to the right education, high-quality kitchen equipment, or technology support.

Through Restolane, we aim to provide food business owners with all the necessary tools to run their businesses profitably. We are constantly working hard towards this goal.

Himalaya Vats

Pawan kumar sharma founder of restolane
Himalaya vats founder of restolane