Commercial Refrigeration

Deep Freezers (8)

Ice Cube Machines (18)

Ice Flaker Machines (8)

Showcases (14)

Visi Cooler (10)

Wine Chillers (4)

Backbars (2)

Chillers (3)

Freezer on wheels (1)

Freezers (9)

Scooping Freezer (2)

Upright Freezers (3)

Minibars (5)

Prep Counters (2)

Softy Machines (12)

Undercounter Refrigrators (6)

Welcome to our collection of commercial refrigeration units. Refrigeration is an essential part of our daily lives, found in homes, hospitals, and restaurants.

Here are some of the common Refrigeration equipment used in the industry.

  1. Deep freezers
  2. Visi coolers
  3. Ice machines
  4. Ice flaker machines
  5. Scooping freezers
  6. Softy machines
  7. Minibars
  8. Freezers & Chillers
  9. Water coolers
  10. Beverage dispensers
  11. Under counter freezers
  12. Display Showcases
  13. Blast freezers

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