Bar Equipment Checklist

Wooh! First of all, I would like to appreciate your decision to start a bar. But why? Because it can be an exciting journey and starting your first liquor business sounds pretty badass. Right?

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So after this, let’s jump to the most important bar equipment you need.

Wine Chiller

Wine chillers are like superheroes in a bar, ensuring every glass tastes just right. They’re those shiny machines you see behind the bar that keep the wine at the perfect temperature. With them around, your Chardonnay stays crisp, and your Cabernet Sauvignon stays bold.

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The back bar fridge in a bar is like a big cool cupboard full of drinks. It keeps everything cold so that when you order, your drink is nice and refreshing. Whether it’s a beer or a soda, the back bar fridge makes sure it’s always cold and tasty.

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Ice machine

The ice machine in a bar is like a big box that makes ice. It’s usually in the corner, making noise. It works all the time to make sure there’s enough ice for drinks. So, when you order a cold drink, like a soda or a cocktail, the ice machine helps keep it cold by giving you ice cubes.

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Backbar 101: How to buy an Ice machine (Coming soon)

Cocktail Counter

The cocktail counter in a bar is like a special place where drinks are made. It’s where the bartender stands, mixing and shaking cocktails. It’s usually a long, shiny surface where all the action happens.

Glass Washer

The glass washer in a bar is like a super-fast dishwasher just for glasses. It’s that machine behind the counter where bartenders put dirty glasses. It works quickly to clean them so they’re ready for the next drink. So, when you order a fresh beverage, whether it’s a beer or a cocktail, you can trust that your glass is sparkling clean, thanks to the glass washer.

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Glass Washer 101: How to Buy a Glass Washer (Coming soon)

Commercial blender

A commercial blender in a bar is like a powerful mixer for making drinks. It’s the big machine you see on the counter where bartenders blend ingredients together. ​So, when you order a fruity daiquiri or a creamy smoothie, the commercial blender gets to work, making sure your drink is perfectly mixed and ready to enjoy.

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