Bakery Equipment Checklist

So you have finally decided to start a bakery, I understand that starting your own business can feel like a scary task. But hey! You are finally starting it out, that is an amazing step. 

So in this article, I will suggest some equipment that you will need to start a bakery, you can consider this guide as a first step into the bakery equipment world.

So welcome to Restolane’s bakery equipment checklist guide

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1. Baking Oven

Now, an oven is the heat of your bakery and the most important piece of equipment so please don’t hurry to buy this one. The choice of your oven depends on your menu requirements, budget, oven brand and scale of your bakery.

Primarily there are three types of baking ovens available in the market

  1. Convection Oven
  2. Deck Oven
  3. Rotary Rack Oven

To read more about the bakery oven, you can read this guide

Bakery Oven 101: How to Buy a Bakery Oven (Coming soon…)

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2. Bakery Mixers

Bakery mixers are the second most important equipment you need in your bakery, it is the ultimate helping hand. Which is used for dough and cream mixing. Bakery mixers primarily available in two types 

  1. Planetary Mixer: Primarily used for cream mixing and whipping.
  2. Spiral Mixer: Used for heavy dough mixing.

Both types of ovens are available in multiple mixing capacities.

Bakery Mixers 101: How to buy a Bakery Mixer (Coming soon…)

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3. Proofer

Proofing is a pre-baking process, bread dough is kept in a proofing chamber for fermentation, due to the same process breads get their characteristic honeycomb-like structure.

The proofing chamber provides the right environment for dough fermentation. So that the dough rises just as we want it to.

The proofer is also available in multiple tray capacities.

Proofers 101: How to buy a bakery Proofer (Coming soon…)

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4. Dough Sheeter

As the name suggests, dough sheets turn dough into thin sheets. The thickness of the sheets can be adjusted using the setting options given in the machine.

Suppose you are planning to make Croissants and Puffs in your bakery. You will have to buy a good quality dough sheeter.

Dough Sheeter 101: How to buy a perfect dough sheeter (Coming soon…)

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5. Dough Divider

A dough divider is used to divide the dough into multiple equal parts. 

Now, if you ask, “Why would I ever want to buy a full machine just to divide the dough?”

For example: If you are baking buns, and each of your buns weighs exactly 16 grams and you bake 500 buns a day. Imagine how much time it will take for your workers to divide the buns into equal pieces. Doing it manually will increase the chances of errors as well, which will later impact your unit economics as well.

Dough Divider 101: How to buy a dough Divider (Coming soon…)

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6. Bread Slicer

Once, I brought home an uncut bread loaf and tried to cut it into pieces using my kitchen knife. Trust me, the results were not good enough.

That’s why, you need a bread slicer. 

The bread slicer is used to slice the bread loaf into multiple equal pieces, it is that simple. Usually, 31-blade bread slicers are widely available in the market.

Bread Slicer 101: How to Buy a Bread Slicer (Coming soon…)

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7. Cooling Racks

Bakery items are kept in cooling racks after baking so that they adapt to the environmental conditions properly before getting packed.

Depending on your requirements, you can buy one or multiple cooling racks.

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8. Baking Trays

While baking, your bakery items are placed on baking trays. Depending upon the type of oven baking trays come in multiple shapes and qualities.

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9. Work Table

Work tables are generally made with stainless steel in various dimensions, tables are used for dough preparation, and ingredient mixing and they can be considered the main working station from where your baking operation will start.

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10. Undercounter Freezers

Undercounter freezers is a counter equipment which contain a refrigerated chamber below it. You can use it to store your frequently used ingredients which will be easily accessible and working.

Under-counter Freezers 101: How to buy an under-counter freezer (Coming soon…)

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11. Deep Freezer

It is a simple storage equipment, which you can use to store your bulk raw ingredients. They are available in multiple storage capacities which you can buy as per your requirements.

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Where to buy the equipment from?

Restolane is a restaurant equipment store, you can browse our website or contact our sales team on 

+91 9711301517 

You will get all your queries answered by our product experts.

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