With cleaning solutions powerful and efficient enough, the selection includes commercial dishwashers perfect for restaurants, cafeterias, or any other food service establishment. Easily handling all your dish loads, these ensure the highest degree of sanitation combined with the least time for all cleaning cycles. Equipment that takes the hard use of any busy kitchen and helps to keep the flow of clean dishes moving to maintain smooth operation with features custom-designed for durability and performance.

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Western hood type dishwasher (touch screen)

Western touchscreen dishwasher comes with a touchscreen panel, stainless steel body and water-saving technology which makes it a no-brainer for any restaurant owner to invest in. Download Product Catalogue

Western undercounter dishwasher (touch screen)

Western's touch screen under-counter dishwasher not only saves space but energy and resources as well, it comes with easy-to-follow washing steps, a stainless steel body and an amazing washing experience. Download Product Catalogue