Vita-Mix Corporation, doing business as Vitamix, is an American company that manufactures and sells commercial and residential blenders. Vitamix was founded in 1921 by William Grover Barnard and is privately owned by the Barnard family. It has been based in Olmsted Township, Ohio, since 1948.

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Vitamix Barboss® Advance

Discover the Vitamix Barboss Advance – the all-rounder blender for all your beverage needs. From crafting blended drinks, creating simple syrups to making purées for cocktail bases, the BarBoss Advance is an ultimate tool that enhances or kickstarts your beverage program. Upgrade your offerings with this versatile and efficient blender.

Vitamix Drink Machine Advanced

Vitamix Brings You The Ultimate Blender For Every Beverage Program From fruit smoothies to thick shakes. This Drink Machine Advance is an essential tool for adding or expanding a blended beverage program.

Vitamix Drink Machine Two Speed

The Vitamix Drink Machine Two-Speed is the reliable blender when powerful, functional, blending is needed. With manually controlled two-speed capability, the Drink Machine Two-Speed will flawlessly create delicious frozen coffee drinks, fruit smoothies, granitas, shakes and more. Elevate your experience of blending by bringing in Vitamix Drink Machine Two-Speed blender.    

Vitamix Mix’N Machine®

Restolane brings you the Mix'n Machine Advance – especially crafted for frozen treat mixer for enhanced results and effortless operation. Upgrade your offerings by perfectly blending candies, cookies, and challenging ingredients into hard or soft-serve ice cream and yogurt. Take your menu effortlessly to a next level and make profitable frozen treats. This equipment is ideal for high-volume ice cream shops, smoothie spots, and quick-service restaurants, this mixer is your key to culinary success.

Vitamix Prep® 3

Experience  performance and durability in commercial kitchens with the Vitamix Prep 3. Trusted by professional chefs and culinary schools globally, this powerhouse blender offers exceptional power, versatility, and performance. From delicate ingredient chopping to tough purée blending, the Vita-Prep 3 is the durable tool capable of handling all your chopping, grinding, and blending needs with perfection.

Vitamix Rinse-O-Matic®

Restolane introduces you the Vitamix Rinse-O-Matic, Powerfully Rinses Blender Containers. Now, no more rinsing containers by hand or letting the water run. The Rinse-o-matic is the more efficient way to rinse any blender container in seconds! Just place the container upside down and the high water pressure rinses residue away, saving you time and money.

Vitamix T&G™ 2 Blending Station®

Introducing you the powerful and noise-reduced blending with the T&G 2 blender. Featuring reduced sound and faster blending times, making it the ideal choice for creating smoothies, frappés, ice cream drinks, and frozen cocktails with ease. Elevate your beverage creations with the T&G 2 blender.

Vitamix The Quiet One®

Restolane introduces the Quietest Commercial Blender – an unmatched solution featuring excellent sound reduction, delivering exceptional beverage blends simultaneously enhancing speed of service. Take your blending experience with this innovative and noise-conscious blender, perfect for a seamless and efficient operation.

Vitamix XL™ Variable Speed

Vitamix XL™ Variable Speed comes with following features: -
Serve More With A Single Blend Maximize your kitchen’s possibilities with our largest-capacity countertop blender. Blend up to 24 (8 oz.) servings at once! The XL® is engineered to reduce prep-time, improve staff efficiency, and expand your menu capabilities.