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Bakery must-have equipment

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Here is the list of essential equipment you need in a bakery

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1. Ovens

Ovens are the heart of any bakery, different types of ovens are used based on your needs and the scale of the bakery.

  1. Convection Oven (Most commonly used and efficient)
  2. Deck Oven (Available in Gas and Electric)
  3. Rotary Rack Oven (Available in Gas Electric and Diesel)


Proofers are essential equipment in any bakery for dough fermentation, ensuring optimum product quality. They are available in different tray capacities (6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 32 Tray) 

Bakery Mixers

Bakers use bakery mixers to mix the dough or whipped cream. Three types of bakery mixers are available which come in different bowl capacities.

  1. Spiral Mixer: Mainly used for dough mixing
  2. Planetary Mixer: Mainly used for cream mixing.
  3. Tabletop tilt head mixer: Smaller capacity mixers, take less space.

Bread Slicer

People use bread slicers to slice the bread loaf into slices. Usually, a bread slicer comes in a 32-blade capacity which can make 32 slices in one go.

Dough Divider

Bakers use dough dividers to divide the dough into multiple equal pieces. For example, making 500 dough balls weighing 16g each for buns by hand will be time-consuming and lead to errors. Using a dough divider will make the job faster and reduce the chances of error.

Dough Sheeter

The operator uses a dough sheeter to make thin sheets of dough and can adjust the thickness of the dough in the machine. A dough sheeter is an essential piece of equipment to make croissants or puffs.


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