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Santos Bar Ice Crusher

Original price was: ₹107,000.00.Current price is: ₹98,440.00.
Santos, The ice crusher #53 is the ideal product to make cocktail, mocktails, and other coolers.
  • It is equipped with a heavy duty and quiet induction motor.
  • It makes both fine and coarse ice in just one touch of a button.

Santos Ice Shaver With Lever

Original price was: ₹86,000.00.Current price is: ₹78,200.00.

Ice Shaver With Lever 09

This ice shaver is ideal for bars, restaurants, fish shops, caterers... This powerful and sturdy appliance is delivered with an adjustable disc to make snow ice or crushed ice.

Sirman Ice Crusher

Sirman Ice Crusher allows to crush the ice in different sizes by adjusting the blade. This equipment is suitable for finely crushed ice for the traditional Italian granitas, flakes for frozen cocktails or to serve or display cold dishes. Sirman Ice Crusher prioritize the safety standards by providing safety microswitch on the feeding mouth and safety microswitch on the collecting tray. Upgrade your ice cream game by bringing in this efficient tool.