Leading Bakery establishments, Star Hotels, Industrial Kitchens and Bulk Cooking centres in India and Worldwide are using these machineries supplied by Sinmag which have been proved as the best partners for their quality food processing. The product range includes: Water Coolers, Water Meters, Planetary Mixers, Spiral Mixers, Bowl Lifters, Dividers, Divider and Rounders, Moulders, Sheeters, Proofers, Retarder Proofers, Convection Ovens (Gas and Electric), Deck Ovens (Gas and Electric), Rack Ovens (Gas, Oil and Electric), Tunnel Ovens (Gas and Electric), Slicers, Show Cases, Bake Wares and Other Food Service equipment.

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Sinmag Bread Slicer

The Sinmag Bread Slicer cuts loaves into even slices quickly and efficiently. It's perfect for bakeries, ensuring uniform slices every time. Easy to use and maintain, this slicer enhances productivity and consistency.

Sinmag Convection Oven

The Sinmag Convection Oven offers even and efficient baking with its circulating hot air. Ideal for pastries, bread, and more, it ensures consistent results every time. Easy to operate and clean, this oven is perfect for busy commercial kitchens.

Sinmag Deck Oven

The Sinmag Deck Oven is perfect for artisanal baking. With individual deck controls, it allows precise baking of various products simultaneously. It's durable, reliable, and delivers excellent results, making it a favorite among professional bakers.

Sinmag Dough Moulder

The Sinmag Dough Moulder shapes dough into consistent forms, ensuring even baking. It's perfect for baguettes, rolls, and other bread types. Easy to use and clean, this machine is a valuable addition to any bakery aiming for uniformity and efficiency.

Sinmag Dough Rounder

The Sinmag Dough Rounder shapes dough into perfect rounds effortlessly. It's an essential tool for bakeries looking to save time and ensure uniform dough balls. Easy to operate and maintain, this machine enhances productivity and consistency in dough preparation.

Sinmag Dough Sheeter

The Sinmag Dough Sheeter rolls out dough to desired thickness quickly and efficiently. Ideal for pastries, pizza, and laminated doughs, it ensures uniform thickness and saves time. It's sturdy, reliable, and a must-have for high-volume bakeries and pizzerias.

Sinmag Planetary Mixer

The Sinmag Planetary Mixer is perfect for bakeries and commercial kitchens. It features multiple speeds for versatile mixing and a robust build for durability. Ideal for mixing dough, batter, and other ingredients with ease. Sinmag planetary mixer is available in various capacities starting from 10 Liters and going up to 60 Liters

Sinmag Proofer

The Sinmag Proofer provides the ideal environment for dough to rise, ensuring perfect fermentation. With controlled humidity and temperature, it helps achieve consistent results. This proofer is essential for any bakery looking to produce high-quality baked goods.

Sinmag Rotary Rack Oven

The Sinmag Rotary Rack Oven is ideal for large-scale baking. It rotates racks for even heat distribution, ensuring perfectly baked goods. Suitable for bakeries and large kitchens, it offers high efficiency and consistent results.

Sinmag Spiral Mixer

The Sinmag Spiral Mixer is designed for heavy-duty dough mixing. Its spiral-shaped agitator and rotating bowl provide efficient and thorough mixing. This mixer is essential for producing high-quality dough for bread, pizza, and more. It's durable, easy to use, and ideal for commercial kitchens.