Cafe Equipment Checklist

It is said that the food business is one of the toughest businesses in the world, so first of all hats off to you so making this decision.

Starting a café is more than just a business—it’s about creating a space where coffee and community meet. To ensure your cafe thrives, it’s crucial to equip it with the right tools. So, After running our cafe for five years, I am writing this article to suggest you some equipment if you are starting a cafe.

1. Commercial coffee machine

The coffee machine is the heart of any cafe, you cannot go wrong with this. So please invest in a good quality coffee machine. A good quality coffee machine will significantly improve the quality of your coffee and everyone will appreciate that for sure.

There are primarily two types of commercial coffee machines that are used

  1. Semi-automatic coffee machine
  2. Fully automatic coffee machine

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Commercial coffee machine 101: How to buy a coffee machine for your cafe (Coming soon…)

2. Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder is used to grind the coffee beans, freshly ground coffee beans have a distinct taste and aroma. So a coffee grinder is the most important equipment after the coffee machine.

Read more about coffee grinders below

Coffee Grinders 101: How to buy coffee grinders for your cafe (Coming soon…)

3. Commercial Blender

I am sure you will be serving Cold coffee in your cafe! So for that, you will need a commercial blender. Now there are many different types of commercial blenders in the market ranging from 10 thousand rupees to 1.5 Lakh rupees.

The price depends upon the brand and quality you choose.

Checkout: Commercial Blender Collection

Commercial Blenders 101: How to buy commercial blenders (Coming soon…)

4. Display Showcase

Display showcases are required in the cafe to display the cakes and other food items. 

They make the food attractive so that customers buy it more. Display showcase also comes in multiple qualities.

Checkout: Display Showcase Collection

Display Showcase 101: How to buy a display showcase (Coming soon…)

5. Microwave and OTG Oven

A microwave and OTG Oven will be needed to warm up the food before serving it to the customer. Ideally, you should buy both kinds of Ovens because one is not an alternative to the other.

Microwave Oven 101: How to Buy a Microwave Oven (Coming soon…)

OTG Oven 101: How to buy an OTG Oven (Coming soon…)

6. Undercounter freezers

Undercounter freezers is a counter equipment which contain a refrigerated chamber below it. You can use it to store your frequently used ingredients which will be easily accessible and working.

Under-counter Freezers 101: How to buy an under-counter freezer (Coming soon…)

7. Deep Freezer

It is a simple storage equipment, which you can use to store your bulk raw ingredients. They are available in multiple storage capacities which you can buy as per your requirements.

Checkout: Deep Freezer Collection

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