Hoshizaki Ice Cube Machine 230 Kg

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Voltage220-240 V
Hertz50 HZ
Capacity230 KG/DAY BIN STORAGE: 110 KG
Weight (kg)128
Product Dimensions704X665X1550


The Role of Commercial Ice Cube Machines

Commercial ice cube machines are specialized appliances designed to produce large quantities of ice cubes consistently. They cater to the high demands of businesses that rely on ice for various applications, such as cooling beverages, food preservation, and maintaining product freshness.

Types of Commercial Ice Cube Machines

Commercial ice cube machines come in various types, each tailored to specific business needs. The three primary types are:

Ice Cube Machines for Bars

These machines are designed to produce ice cubes quickly and efficiently, making them ideal for bars where ice is a critical component in crafting cocktails.

Restaurant Ice Cube Machines

Restaurant ice cube machines are versatile and capable of producing ice cubes of different sizes. They are suitable for establishments that serve a wide range of beverages and culinary creations.

Hotel Ice Cube Machines

Hotels often require a constant supply of ice cubes for guests’ convenience. Hotel ice cube machines are designed to meet this demand with efficiency and reliability.

Uses of Commercial Ice Cube Machines

Commercial ice cube machines find application in various sectors:

  • Food and Beverage: Restaurants and bars use ice cubes for drinks, salad bars, and seafood displays.
  • Hospitality: Hotels use ice for guest services, in-room amenities, and events.
  • Healthcare: Hospitals require ice for patient care, laboratories, and medical equipment.
  • Retail: Supermarkets use ice for product displays, seafood counters, and food preservation.
  • Construction: Construction sites use ice for concrete cooling during hot weather.

Advantages of Using Commercial Ice Cube Machines

Consistent Ice Supply

Commercial ice cube machines provide a steady and consistent supply of ice cubes. This eliminates the need to purchase bags of ice, ensuring you never run out during peak hours.

Customized Ice Shapes

Many commercial ice cube machines allow for customization of ice cube shapes. This flexibility enables businesses to choose the perfect ice shape for their specific needs, whether it’s traditional cubes, crescent shapes, or other options.

Hygiene and Quality

Commercial ice cube machines are designed with hygiene in mind. They often come equipped with water filtration systems that ensure the ice produced is clean, tasteless, and odorless.

Energy Efficiency

Modern commercial ice cube machines are energy-efficient, helping businesses reduce their operational costs. They are designed to minimize water and energy wastage, contributing to sustainability efforts.

Frequently asked questions

What is the warranty period of the products?

All Restolane's products come with one year of warranty. Free maintenance will be provided if the product malfunctions under normal working conditions.

What is the product delivery time?

Delivery time of the product depends upon product size, availability and delivery location.
If the product is in stock, it is dispatched on next working day of payment.

Can I return the product?

We do not accept product returns under normal circumstances. If there is any functional problem with the product, we will try our best to get it fixed.

How the products are packed?

Packaging depends on product type. For example, large-sized commercial ovens or showcases are packed in wooden cases and bubble wrap padding, while smaller products like fryers or blenders can be bubble wraped.

Is "Cash on Delivery" accepted?

We do not have a "Cash on delivery" option. Products are dispatched once we receive full payment through any of recommended (Card, NEFT/IMPS) payment methods.

What payment methods are available?

You can make payment using any of the following payment methods

  2. Using Payment Gateway (Credit card/ Debit Card, UPI)

Our team will provide payment details at the time of purchase.

What if my product gets damaged in transit?

We try our best to pack the product safely, and it is a rare case. But unfortunately, if a product gets damaged in transit, we will provide a replacement for the product.

Do you provide after sales service?

Restolane has best-in-class customer support and after-sales service. If the product is within the warranty period, you will get free assistance in case of malfunction.

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