9 Must have equipment for your North India Cloud kitchen

north indian cloud kitchen essential equipment

In the cuisine of North India, there are many delicious innovations to be discovered. With delicious foods like butter chicken and delicious biryanis, it is a cuisine that has captured the hearts of people all around the world. You will be guided through the article’s discussion of the resources required, the concept of cloud kitchens, and the bright future they provide.

Cloud kitchens, often referred to as ghost kitchens or virtual kitchens, represent a revolution in the food industry. These kitchens are optimized for the digital age, where the demand for food delivery and takeout has skyrocketed. By eliminating the overhead of a physical restaurant, cloud kitchens can offer a diverse range of cuisines at competitive prices, making them a favorite among food entrepreneurs.

List of equipment you need

1. Fryer

Fried delights like pakoras and samosas are staples of North Indian cuisine. A reliable fryer is crucial for achieving the perfect crispiness. Look for a fryer that offers temperature control and consistent frying results.

2. Hot Plate/Griddle

The hot plate or griddle is versatile equipment that allows you to sear meats, cook naans, and prepare a variety of dishes. It’s an essential tool for achieving the sizzle and char characteristic of North Indian cuisine.

3. Purie Machine

Puries , a beloved Indian bread, require perfection and uniformity in their preparation. A purie machine automates the process, ensuring each purie puffs up beautifully and uniformly.

4. Indian Style Burner

Burner, which is also known as “The Heart of Your Kitchen”. Your North Indian Style Cloud Kitchen’s centre of attention is the burner in the Indian style. Starting with the boiling of flavorful spices and the creation of delicious curries, this is where the magic happens.

Invest in a high-quality burner with accurate temperature control to guarantee that your foods are cooked to perfection.

5. Working Table

The working table is the command center of your kitchen. It’s where you’ll chop, dice, and assemble your ingredients. A spacious and sturdy working table is essential to maintaining a smooth workflow in your cloud kitchen.

6. Sink Table

Efficiency is crucial in a cloud kitchen. The sink table is equipped with cleaning tools and ample space for washing and sanitizing, ensuring your workspace remains clean and hygienic.

7. Electric Tandoor

North Indian cuisine is known for its uniquely smoky tandoori meals, therefore it is very important to capture the essence of a tandoor. An electric tandoor matches the cooking process of a traditional tandoor, making it simple to make tasty kebabs and naans.

8. Refrigerator

The secret to the lively flavors of North Indian cuisine is freshness. By preserving tastes and prolonging shelf life, a refrigerator enables you to retain ingredients at their peak performance.

9. Microwave & Oven

Microwaves and ovens play a crucial role in reheating and finishing dishes before delivery. They ensure that every order is delivered at the perfect temperature, maintaining the quality of your North Indian dishes and their true taste.

Advantages of Cloud Kitchens

Cloud kitchens offer several advantages, from cost savings to flexibility in menu offerings. We’ll dive into the benefits that make them an attractive option for food entrepreneurs.

  1. A cloud kitchen makes it simple to carry out to-go orders since it has been created exclusively to enable an experience that is specifically specialized for efficient food delivery.  
  2. When you compare it to restaurants, the cloud kitchen business has the advantage of running at a low operational cost. The first reason for such a low cost is less expenditure on real estate rental.
  3. Due to the overhead costs of operating a restaurant, your food will always be more expensive under a restaurant model. On the other hand, you can have food at a reasonable cost that has been skillfully cooked in a cloud kitchen business. Customers can get access to well-liked foods without having any budget restrictions. 

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