Restolane v/s Indiamart: A comparison when it comes to buying Restaurant supplies.

The need for commercial kitchen equipment from restaurants, hotels, cafes, and other food service companies drives the industry’s ongoing evolution. Two significant firms, Restolane and Indiamart, have developed to meet the various demands of enterprises in this dynamic market. Let’s explore what makes these platforms unique.

What is Restolane?

Restolane is India’s leading commercial kitchen equipment brand and e-commerce marketplace offering a wide range of restaurant supplies. What defines Restolane is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Restolane is a place where you can get all of your commercial kitchen equipment under one roof. The company prides itself on being a reliable partner for businesses, offering top-tier refrigeration, freezing, and food-service products and solutions. Restolane’s clientele spans various sectors, including hotels, restaurants, bars, frozen yoghurt stores, coffee shops, bakeries, ice cream and beverage outlets, food retail, and the healthcare industry.

Now let us compare how Restolane is different from Indiamart when it comes to offering restaurant supplies and why you should prefer Restolane.com when it comes to buying restaurant supplies.

Now let us compare both on the basis of the given criteria:

Customer Experience

Restolane: Restolane has its own experience centre in New Delhi where you can visit and see the live working demo of the machine before buying them. So you can be confident before making your purchase.

Indiamart: Other sellers from Indiamart fail to provide this level of experience to customers.

The Range of Offerings

Indiamart: Indiamart is an online B2B listing portal where you can find suppliers for a wide range of commercial goods and services, including restaurant supplies. Indiamart lists the sellers across the country and provide you with details of those sellers based on your requirement.

Restolane: Unlike Indiamart, Restolane is a dedicated Restaurant supply e-commerce store. To provide our customers best in the best-in-class service Restolane does not list other sellers on its e-commerce store, which provides more control over the systems and processes.

After-sales support

Indiamart: Indiamart’s primary job is to provide leads to the suppliers. Once you buy anything from the seller you found on Indiamart, then they are not responsible for your payment safety, delivery process, or product quality.

Restolane: Since Restolane is a dedicated restaurant supplies store, every process from placing an order to after-sales onsite service is handled by Restolane’s experienced team.

Customer Privacy

Have you ever had the experience of sharing your contact info on platforms like Indiamart, only to be bombarded with countless calls and messages from different companies and sellers? It can get pretty overwhelming, making it hard to figure out which sellers are worth your attention.

Indiamart: Once you provide your contact information to Indiamart, you grant them permission to distribute your details to numerous registered suppliers. This could potentially lead to significant privacy concerns, such as receiving unsolicited calls or engaging with unverified buyers.

Restolane: Restolane has a strict privacy policy when it comes to sharing contact details. Restolane does not share our client’s contact details with any other supplier, dealer or even the brand itself.

Restolane.com vs Indiamart a comparision guide

Comparison: Restolane v/s India Mart

Now, let’s compare Restolane and Indiamart to highlight their differences:

  1. Nature of Business: Restolane is a specialized reseller with a focus on specific kitchen equipment, whereas India Mart is a broad online marketplace with diverse offerings.
  2. Customer Approach: Restolane adopts a customer-centric approach, ensuring satisfaction and reliability. India Mart acts as a platform connecting buyers and sellers.
  3. Product Range: Restolane offers a defined range of specialized kitchen equipment. India Mart offers a wide variety of products, including kitchen equipment.
  4. Reliability: Restolane’s reputation for reliability is well-established. Indiamart relies on the reputation of individual sellers.
  5. Tailored Solutions: Restolane tailors solutions to meet specific market segment needs. India Mart provides access to a broad range of products but lacks this specialization.


In conclusion, Restolane and Indiamart are two distinct entities in the commercial kitchen equipment industry. Restolane’s focus on customer satisfaction, reliability, and specialization sets it apart as a trusted reseller. On the other hand, India Mart serves as a vast marketplace connecting businesses with a diverse array of products. The choice between these two depends on the specific needs and preferences of businesses.

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