Restolane: Your Destination for a Live Kitchen Experience

Discover Restolane, a commercial kitchen equipment brand offering a live demo of essential kitchen and restaurant equipment. Learn with our expert team to guide customers through the process, and explore live demos of ovens, coffee machines, grillers, and microwaves.

When it comes to equipping a kitchen or restaurant, making informed choices about your equipment is crucial. The performance and functionality of your appliances can significantly impact your business’s efficiency and success. That’s where Restolane comes in, We offer a unique and immersive experience—an opportunity to witness live demonstrations of essential commercial kitchen equipment. In this article, we’ll explore Restolane’s Live Kitchen Center and how it can benefit aspiring and established food service professionals.

Location:  Ground floor, 241/2, opposite metro pillar 48, Near Sultanpur metro station, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Contact number: 97113 01517

What Is Restolane’s Live Kitchen Center?

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Restolane’s Live Kitchen Center is a unique concept that allows customers to experience live demonstrations of various commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment. It’s a place where you can see, touch, and feel the appliances in action, gaining valuable insights into their performance and capabilities.

The Benefits of a Live Kitchen Experience

Witnessing equipment in a real-life setting offers several advantages. It helps you understand how different appliances work together, assess their ease of use, and visualize their potential impact on your kitchen’s workflow.

Explore the Live Demo Equipment

Restolane’s Live Kitchen Center showcases a range of equipment, including ovens, coffee machines, grillers, and microwaves. These are essential tools in any kitchen, and seeing them in action can help you make informed purchasing decisions.

Expert Guidance for Informed Choices

Restolane’s team of experts is on hand to guide you through the live demonstrations. We can answer your questions, provide valuable tips, and help you choose the equipment that best suits your specific needs.


1. Is there a fee to visit the Live Kitchen Center?

No, visiting the Live Kitchen Center is free of charge. Restolane welcomes all culinary enthusiasts and professionals to experience their equipment firsthand.

2. Can I schedule a private demo session?

Yes, Restolane offers the option to schedule private demo sessions for individuals or groups. Contact us in advance to arrange a personalized experience.

3. Do you offer equipment for sale at the centre?

Yes, you can purchase equipment directly from Restolane’s Live Kitchen Center. Our experts can assist you in choosing the right products.

4. Are there cooking classes or workshops available?

While Restolane primarily focuses on equipment demonstrations, we also host cooking classes and workshops. Check our schedule for upcoming events.

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