How to choose the perfect bakery mixer for your business in 2023?


Bakeries have always been a wonder to many people because of their sweet aroma and mouthwatering baked delicacies. However, much work goes into producing these light and delectable loaves and other goods. Have you ever wondered how they’re created or the secret to such incredible dishes?

We could tell you, however, that bakeries always have a secret element of surprise in their kitchens, which are located inside the bread shop. Additionally, bakeries contain a variety of industrial kitchen appliances, including bakery mixers, ovens, blenders, etc., that aid in the preparation of delectable cakes and pastries. Unsurprisingly, you would like to read this blog if you love baking.

We’ll talk about bakery mixers and their different varieties. This blog also covers several important topics that will be very helpful to you if you’re considering investing in a commercial dough mixer or an industrial bakery mixer for your business.

All right, let’s go on!

What is a bakery mixer?

Commercial bakery mixer
How to choose the perfect bakery mixer for your business in 2023? 4

A commercial bakery mixer is a piece of industrial kitchen equipment to prepare bread dough and pastry batter. It has a sizable mixing device that evenly blends the materials. An industrial bakery mixer, a bakery dough mixer, a flour mixer machine, a dough kneader, etc., are some of the other names for a bakery mixer. Apart from name differences, it serves the same function of combining baking components such as commercial flour, sugar, yeast, etc.

In case you were wondering, bakery mixers come in various sizes and forms and are quite large. Depending on the kind and classification, these machines may handle multiple operations. In part, after this, we’ll go into further detail.

Why are bakery mixers so important?

Every commercial bakery needs bakery mixers. They facilitate the baking process by swiftly and effectively combining vast amounts of dough. Small countertop mixers to giant floor mixers are all available as bakery mixers. They are capable of having several attachments for various mixing jobs.

For instance, while some mixers feature beater blades for blending cake batter, others have dough hooks for kneading bread.

 Additionally, a range of accessories for additional activities, including slicing, chopping, and shredding, may be added to bakery mixers.

You can make a lot of unique, excellent baked items with the aid of a high-quality mixer. As a result, they are a crucial component of the baking industry and require careful consideration.

Types of commercial bakery mixers: 

Types of commercial bakery mixers
How to choose the perfect bakery mixer for your business in 2023? 5

There are three types of commercial bakery mixers available in the market for purchase, they are:

Planetary Mixers

It is a commercial mixer used for mixing vast amounts of food, such as bread dough, cookies, and pastry batter. This mixer’s name comes from how it orbits space like a planet. Planetary mixers are available with a variety of bowl sizes as well as accessories for other uses.

Benefits of having planetary mixers:

The fineness of your ingredients matters while you’re baking. But even the most excellent components won’t help you if they aren’t appropriately combined. A planetary baking mixer can help with that. This mixer ensures that all of your components are blended equally, resulting in a consistent and mouthwatering final product.

You could decide to employ a planetary baking mixer in your company for various reasons. These mixers are practical to start with. Planetary mixers are also incredibly adaptable.

A baker can use them for multiple tasks, such as kneading dough and whipping cream. A planetary bakery mixer is an excellent option if you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, and versatile mixer for your business. These mixers can save you time and money and help you produce consistently high-quality products.

Spiral Mixers

Spiral mixers, a commercial mixer created in the 1960s, are intended to mix enormous amounts of dough. Due to their ability to swiftly and effectively handle vast amounts of dough, they are frequently employed in bakeries and pizzerias.

Benefits of having a spiral mixer:

Spiral mixers have several advantages over traditional mixers. For one, they’re very efficient. This is because the spiral mixing action allows for a more thorough mix. Another advantage of spiral mixers is that they’re very versatile. 

They may be employed to combine many doughs, such as bread dough, pizza dough, and even cake batter. They are a fantastic choice for bakeries and restaurants who wish to provide a range of baked items because of their adaptability. Spiral mixers are also simple to use. Usually, they contain a large dish that is simple to fill with ingredients.

A timer is typically included, so you may set it and forget it. They are, therefore, a fantastic choice for time-constrained bakers who don’t have much spare time to prepare the dough by hand. Any bakery or restaurant that wishes to provide a range of baked items should consider spiral mixers.

Horizontal Mixers

These are the kinds of commercial dough mixers that make the bowl tilt during mixing. The beaters in these dough kneaders sit horizontally in some models.

Benefits of employing a horizontal mixer:

The main advantage of horizontal mixers over conventional vertical mixers is that they can handle more significant quantities of dough. This is a massive advantage if you own a busy bakery and need to produce a lot of stuff. Horizontal mixers are also less prone to over mixing the dough, which might lead to a thick, complex end product.

Horizontal mixers also benefit from being kinder to delicate components like eggs and fruits. Your cakes and pastries will thus be softer and more delicious. Too-aggressive vertical mixers can occasionally produce dry, crumbly baked items.

So, if you’re looking for a mixer that can handle large batches, is gentle on delicate ingredients, and won’t overmix the dough, a horizontal mixer is a great option.

Are there any attachments available to use in bakery mixers?

attachments available to use in bakery mixers
How to choose the perfect bakery mixer for your business in 2023? 6

Yes, many attachments can be easily used in commercial bakery mixers; some of them are

Dough hook

A dough hook makes the process of kneading the heavy dough effortless. Due to its form, it can tolerate the dough’s elasticity, and kneading is more effective. Now your chefs can make the best bread, pizza, or pasta without shedding even a little sweat.


Another necessary attachment for a bakery mixer is the whisk. The whisk attachment can help to aerate the batter, resulting in a lighter and fluffier final product. The whisk can also help to incorporate ingredients more evenly.

Avoid whipping thicker mixes, such as bread dough and batters for muffins and pound cakes, using the balloon whisk. It will quickly deteriorate the delicate structure of the whisk.

Flat beater/Paddle 

The flat beater or paddle attachment is best for whipping heavy frostings, creaming butter and sugar, combining cookie dough, and beating cake and brownie batters.

How to choose the perfect bakery mixer for your business?

Choosing the perfect mixer machine for bakery can be a tough decision. There are many things to consider, such as price, performance, and features.

When choosing a bakery mixer, the most important thing to consider is the type of baking you’ll be doing. Are you baking bread, cakes, pastries, or above? Every kind of baking requires a different type of mixer. Bread baking requires a mixer that can handle the heavy dough. A sound bread mixer will have a powerful motor and a dough hook attachment.

Cake baking requires a mixer that can blend ingredients quickly and smoothly. A sound cake mixer will have a paddle attachment and multiple speed settings. Pastry baking requires a mixer that can handle the delicate dough. A good pastry mixer will have a dough hook attachment and multiple speed settings.

Once you’ve considered the type of baking you’ll be doing, you can narrow down your choices by price, performance, and features.

A planetary mixer is often the best option when powerful kneading and usage flexibility are sought.They are also incredibly adaptable since they may be used for kneading bread dough, whisking egg whites, and even producing ice cream.

When creating a more delicate and airy dough, a spiral mixer is an ideal choice.

Spiral mixers, mainly intended for kneading dough, are ideal for bakeries that produce a lot of bread.

Horizontal mixers are perfect for mixing cake batter, pizza dough, bagel dough, and other similar items. A horizontal mixer will be appropriate if you need to knead a large amount of dough.

The easy option

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