What is a stone pizza oven? Why should you buy one?

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Pizza is one of the most delicious things ever to exist, and the making of Pizza is no joke; if Pizza is an art, then the chef is an artist. There are many types of ovens available in the market, like single, double or combinational range, gas or electric ovens, self-cleaning ovens, steam ovens, microwave ovens, and toaster ovens. Still, today we are specifically going to talk about Stone Pizza Oven.

What is a Stone Pizza Oven?

According to Google, “It is usually a circular slab of porous material such as cast iron, ceramic, or stone that you can place into a conventional oven. A pizza stone works by absorbing heat and using it for cooking your pizza quickly in a similar way that traditional brick pizza ovens cook pizza.” So it is an oven for classic pizza lovers who want perfection in their food.

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Is it better than an Ordinary Oven?

Well, yes, it is much better than an ordinary oven when it comes to making a pizza and here is why : 

  • Much higher temperatures at 900F/500C vs 500F/260C – cooks the pizza better and more tasty in around 90 seconds to give several benefits.
  • The texture is far superior and feels like a pizza. There is a crisp crust but with a moist interior giving your taste buds a significant treat. 
  • Ordinary Ovens dry out the crust from more prolonged cooking, making it more rigid and giving it a rubber-like feel in most cases.
  • The flavour is improved by caramelization and the wood smoke making it taste like pizza.
  • More browning gives a “leopard-spotted” appearance, which is rarely achieved in Ordinary Ovens.
  • Hotter temperatures in stone pizza ovens give a faster rise or “oven spring”, leading to larger crusts and making the pizza far more delicious.

The Benefits And Challenges Of Using Pizza Stone Oven

A pizza stone is made of stone or ceramic and is available in various levels of thickness, making your pizza the best pizza in the World. A pizza stone oven differs from other cooking surfaces (such as a metal pan) because it contains “tiny cracks and crevices” that more easily “allow evaporating steam to escape,” which dries and crisps the crust and hence makes you the perfect pizza.

Everything has challenges, and so do pizza stone ovens, like super-specific cleaning methods to scrub off any accumulated gunk or the possibility of cracking; some home pizza cooks have sworn them off altogether. Others have questioned whether there’s truly enough difference in the final pizza product to choose a stone over a baking pan. But for plenty of pizza fans, getting (pizza) stoned is the best way to achieve an even, crispy, and consistent bake when firing up pies at home.

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Where Can I Buy The Best Stone Pizza Oven?

When it comes to buying the right oven, Restolane is the best place. We have a wide range of ovens, but one of our best sellers is Restolane Electric Pizza Oven with Stone.

Some features of the product:

  • The body is made entirely of stainless steel.
  • A high-quality pizza stone can hold up to four pizzas.
  • Users can set any stable temperature for baking pizzas using temperature control.
  • A peek-in window allows you to see the pizzas as they bake.
  • Insulated compartment.

Electrical Power Range220 – 240V/50Hz
DimensionsW x D x H (mm) : 1000 x 750 x 550
Stone DimensionW x D x H (mm): 620 x 520 x 15
Temperature Range20-400°C
Cavity DimensionsW x D x H (mm) : 650 x 570 x 180
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