Commercial Sandwich Griller buying guide in 2023

restolane sandwich griller buying guide

In this fast-moving world of commercial food service, efficiency and quality are of utmost importance. Among the essential tools in any commercial kitchen, the electric commercial sandwich griller stands out for its ability to make flawless and customized sandwiches. As time unfolds, the demand for electric sandwich grills in commercial settings continues to rise. This comprehensive buying guide aims to help you in selecting the perfect commercial sandwich griller for your kitchen.

Protip: While buing a sandwich griller for your food business, make sure the griller has non sticky surface coating, consumes less power, have adjustable heat settings and should have longer heat retention. Also select the product size as per production capacity. And you are good to go!

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Rise of Electric Sandwich Grills in Commercial Settings

Traditional grilling methods no longer dominate commercial kitchens, as electric grills have emerged as a reliable and versatile alternative. With consistent heating, precise temperature control, and reduced smoke emission, these grills have become indispensable for busy food establishments.

Here are a few important factors you should consider with buying a commercial sandwich griller

Cooking Capacity and Grill Size

Assessing Your Cooking Needs: Before investing in a commercial sandwich griller, evaluate the daily volume of sandwiches you intend to prepare. Choosing a grill with an appropriate cooking capacity ensures your kitchen can keep up with customer demand.

Space Availability in Your Kitchen: Consider your kitchen’s layout and select a grill that fits comfortably within your workspace while allowing for efficient movement.

Temperature Range and Control 

Importance of Adjustable Temperature: Different sandwiches require varying cooking temperatures. An electric sandwich griller with adjustable temperature settings enables you to achieve the perfect level of crispiness and tenderness. 

Precision Temperature Control Features: Look for models with precise temperature control to ensure consistent results every time you cook.

Construction and Durability

Choosing Durable Materials: Invest in sandwich grills which are made from high-quality materials designed to handle the pressure of a commercial kitchen. Go for stainless steel constructions as they are durable and easy to clean. 

Longevity and Maintenance: Consider the longevity of the grill and how easy it is to maintain. Opting for a grill that requires minimal upkeep will save you time and resources in the long run.

Cooking Surface 

Non-Stick Coatings vs. Solid Surfaces: While non-stick coatings offer effortless food release, solid surfaces are generally more durable. Choose based on your preference and expected usage. 

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: Efficient cleaning is essential. Select a sandwich griller with removable parts for thorough cleaning and maintenance.

Energy Efficiency 

Evaluating Power Consumption: Assess the energy consumption of the grill. Energy-efficient models can result in cost savings over time. 

Energy-Saving Features: Look for grills with energy-saving features such as automatic shut-off and idle modes. 

Safety Features

Overheat Protection: Prioritise safety by opting for sandwich grills with overheat protection mechanisms. These prevent accidents and extend the grill’s lifespan. 

Cool-Touch Handles and Exterior: Choose grills with cool-touch handles and exteriors to reduce the risk of burns, especially in a bustling kitchen environment. 

Additional Features 

Timer Functions: Enhance consistency by selecting grills with timer functions that alert you when sandwiches are perfectly cooked. 

Removable Plates and Drip Trays: Simplify cleaning and maintenance with sandwich grills that have removable plates and drip trays. 

Best Sandwich Grillers in India

  1. Restolane Commercial Electric Griller: Restolane grillers are built using highly durable material, which can last for years. Griller is highly power efficient and has non-sticky plates. Check out the product here
  2. Sirman Elio Sandwich Griller: Sirman is a reputed international brand providing high-quality long-lasting grilles, check out here.
Restolane Commercial Electric Griller
Sirman Sandwich Griller


In conclusion, selecting the right commercial sandwich griller involves a deep evaluation of cooking capacity, temperature control, durability, safety features, and more. 

By taking care of these factors, you’ll be able to make an informed and right decision that will enhance your kitchen’s efficiency and takes the quality of the sandwiches you serve to the next level. Therefore, you should choose your commercial sandwich griller wisely and experience the satisfaction of delivering perfect sandwiches with ease.

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