What is Electric Griller?

restolane guide to what is an electric griller

Commercial electric grills are advanced cooking appliances that run on electricity to grill and roast heat for grilling food items. Unlike traditional charcoal or gas grills, these electric variants offer a consistent cooking experience with the help of controlled temperature and cooking modes as per needs. Nowadays, electric grillers are commonly used in commercial kitchens due to their ability to efficiently prepare various dishes.

Types of Commercial Electric Grillers

Countertop Griller: Countertop electric grills are versatile and compact, making them suitable for kitchens with limited space. They can be easily fitted on countertops with convenience and ease of use. Chefs usually prefer countertop grillers because of their ability to quickly heat up and provide flawless results.

Built-in Grills: Built-in grills are electric grillers already placed into the kitchen setup. They are often found in open kitchens or outdoor cooking areas. Built-in grillers are popular for their perfect appearance and are commonly used in high-end restaurants or outdoor catering events.

Contact Grills: Contact grills, also known as clamshell grills. It includes two heated plates that cook food from both sides simultaneously. This tool is time efficient as it reduces the cooking time by 20-30% and enhances the flavour of the food by locking in juices.

Panini Press Grills: Panini press grills are a subset of contact grills, primarily used for grilling sandwiches and Paninis. They provide even heat distribution, resulting in perfectly toasted sandwiches with appealing grill marks.

Features of an Electric Griller

Precise Temperature Control: The latest Electric griller can offer precise temperature control, allowing chefs to adjust heat levels for different dishes. This feature takes care of proper and even cooking by preventing the dishes from overcooking or undercooking.

Time Efficiency: There is no doubt that electric grillers are time efficient as they heat up quickly and provide even heat distribution, reducing cooking times significantly. This time efficiency is important in busy commercial kitchens.

Safety: Electric Grillers are safe to use, as they do not use open flames so there is no risk of fire or burns.

More energy efficient: Electric grills also tend to be more energy efficient than gas grills, as they don’t require the use of a gas tank and the electricity used is converted into precise heat. This means you can cook more with less energy, making it a great choice for environmental and economic reasons.

Healthier and Tastier Cooking: These grills require less oil greasing for cooking and hence it makes them ideal for health-conscious cooking. Dishes are cooked evenly and properly which makes them more flavorful.

Cleaning and maintenance

Finally, electric grills are usually easier to clean than other types of grills. Since there is no open flame, there is no need to scrub away burned-on food and grease. This can help to cut down on the time it takes to clean up after a meal.

In order to avoid heavy repair costs and unexpected breakdowns, keep servicing the machine on a regular basis.

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Where Can I Buy the Best Electric Griller in India?

When it comes to Grills or any kitchen product related to commercial purposes or Restolane is the one-stop solution for all your commercial kitchen equipment needs like ovens, mixers, blenders etc. We also offer after-sales service and full product and kitchen design consultancy.

1. Restolane Electric Sandwich Grill (Double)

The Restolane Electric Sandwich Grill (Double) is a great addition to any food business. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and it allows you to cook multiple sandwiches at once! The main features of this sandwich grill include:

  • Two heating elements allow you to grill two sandwiches at once
  • A stainless steel construction that makes the sandwich grill durable and long-lasting
  • A nonstick interior coating so that your food won’t stick or burn
  • The handles are ergonomic and comfortable so that they are easy to grip whether you’re wearing gloves or not
  • An LED display which shows you what temperature setting your sandwich is being cooked on

2. Restolane Electric Sandwich Grill

There are two variations of the Restolane Electric Sandwich Grill, both of which include grooved top and bottom plates. These models are made to grill meals like fish, eggplant, or other similar items while leaving grill markings and cooking excellent jumbo-sized sandwiches, paninis, steaks, or hamburgers while maintaining all of their fluids and vitamins.

  • The following are a few highlights of Restolane Electric Grill:
    Cast-iron ware for consistent cooking
  • Independent upper plate
  • It includes a timer and a touchscreen for controlling it.
  • With complimentary electromechanical controls, it is easy to use.

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 Commercial electric grillers have taken the culinary and restaurant world to another level. Electric grills with their efficiency, versatility, performance and advantages have shown the world that what modern technology and new equipment are capable of.

 From countertop grillers to built-in variants, these equipments serve to a diverse range of cooking needs. Their features such as precise temperature control, time efficiency, and healthier cooking options have made the job easier for chefs and helped them to bring out their true potential of cooking. Hence we can conclude that it is a must-have tool or equipment for Commercial and Modern Kitchens.

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